The Vicky Christina restaurant is a combination of bursts of inspiration from a variety of content worlds, which are reflected in the rich menu of the place and the irreplaceable atmosphere that has already become a household name among entertainment enthusiasts in Tel Aviv, the central region and the whole country. The restaurant aims to bring to the public visiting the place, the Spanish style and elegance together with the Mediterranean insolence, in their most authentic form

On the right side of the restaurant courtyard, you will find Vicky Christina’s rich kitchen. Under the hands of Chef Barak Avital, Vicky Christina stars as a unique chef’s kitchen, offering culinary enthusiasts a selection of sharing dishes made from the highest quality and finest ingredients. The dishes on the menu are well chosen, so that they embody an authentic Spanish atmosphere, along with rich Mediterranean flavors that everyone connects to.

On the left side of Vicky Christina’s yard, the alcohol bar is located. The bar menu offers a rich wine menu, each wine in the restaurant is carefully selected, to blend with the Israeli palate and to complement the culinary experience and the elegant atmosphere of the place. Alongside these, a selection of alcoholic drinks and playful cocktails are served, with joyful Latino-exotic flavors. Sitting at the bar is on high designed bar stools, overlooking the mosaic sculpture garden that surrounds the place and adds to the warm and luxurious atmosphere.

Company & Private Events


In the heart of Tel Aviv, in the station complex at the seam between Old Jaffa and Neve Tzedek

Live and kicking the Vicki Christina restaurant, the Vicki is inspired by the artist Gaudi and brings us the lines and colors so identified with Barcelona.

The complex provides a rural atmosphere with an authentic Spanish vibe. That’s how Vicki is, cheeky and daring

At Vicki Christina you can hold unique and meticulous concept events

We will make sure that your event becomes a boutique and glittering event